June 12th 2020 – Zapresic, Croatia – Croatian electronica artist Walter Wayne releases track “Oblivion” via SuperPosition Records

Oblivion is Walter’s first track done in minimal techno style heavily influenced by some of best work from Boris Brejcha.
Track is 8 min and 39s long featuring slow build up of uplifting melody which dominates in second part of the track.

From the artist

Minimal techno is something what I’m experimenting for some time now in my studio and this is first track which I have decided to release for my fans.
While this style of techno sounds simple and relaxing it’s quite opposite how you feel as an artist while trying to make a track like this to sound right.
I’m more than happy that this is just first track in sequence of several tracks that I plan to release in this style.

“Oblivion” is out now on all platforms.


Croatian artist/producer Walter Wayne is bringing distinctive electronic sound which combines heavy beats and rich arrangements of synthetic sounds.
His atomic approach to music is part of his engineering background and also part of his childish curiosity to explore and combine sounds which are posing new questions and widens the horizons for the listener.

Walter Wayne is a.k.a. Vedran Klanac, an aerospace engineer, game programmer and media producer, from Zapresic, Croatia. He is also CEO and owner of Ocean Media LLC, a media publishing company which focuses on video games and music.

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