Lovexit – Arina Listratova model and producer from Tomsk, Russia.

“I was always brought up in such a way that beauty begins from the inside, so my passion for art began from early childhood. I managed to try myself in many ways, but sooner or later all paths led me to music. Making music is a very painstaking job, but the result is worth it, because for me it is a unique language that has no limits and where I can speak with the whole world at once, share my state, tell a story without words.

I can not relate myself to any particular genre, I try myself in different ways and when creating music I often experiment and combine elements of different genres, each track is something unique – this is dance sound therapy with vibrations and kindness that unite people on the dance floor I express the ideas of the global locally – the main point of my work is that “Life is what you do with the world, and the world does with you“.
LOVEXIT is what is behind the doors of perception when everything is dazzling and confusing. The beginning of a love that you will never lose.”

Lovexit has joined SuperPosition Records with her song “Now” which is expecting release on Dec 3rd 2020, right on her birthday!

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