An EDM producer from India. I fell in love with EDM back in 2019 when I started listening to it for the first time. Since then I have grown a huge fascination about it. I found it so interesting that I was always curious about the fact that how do producers make these kind of music. So after doing some searches I got to know about the famous Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) “FL Studio” and eventually I decided to put my hands on it as well. I started producing during the mid 2019 and somehow I fell in love with the process and it became a so enthusiastic subject to me. I always get motivated by listening to the songs from various artists and seeing them performing live in the big music festivals. I also imagine myself to be there one day hopefully.

Now, my only aim is to make some good music and reach out to beautiful souls out there with my music. It is my ultimate goal to represent my country on the Tomorrowland Mainstage. I know it will not be easy for me, but I will make it happen one day for sure.




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