CXSMO is young artist coming from South Central Los Angeles, California. He’s serving vibrant tracks across whole EDM spectrum for eight years now and he has just started!

Music has continuously captivated me to the point that I needed to make my very own sound. At this moment, I’m gradually learning while continually taking a shot at new music and an individual style. I was encouraged that difficult work pays off later on, and it sure does. I wouldn’t do what I love without the help from everybody. Whoever tunes in to my music and preferences what I do, I, in a flash, become an aficionado of them. A producer is continuously a fan of his supporters, and that is the thing that I am with my supporters and fan base. So in case, you read this, I truly appreciate you for stopping by and thank you for making this all conceivable. I genuinely welcome you and your time.

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